Second Chance Checking Accounts - Maine

There are several nationwide banks that may approve you for a second chance checking account in Maine while on the chexsystems and current information on how to receive your free chexsystems report which can be viewed and accessed from our main page at second chance checking. However, many local banks in Maine offer promotions for people who have a negative chexsystems report. Below is a listing of banks in Maine, that we were told, are currently accepting new checking applications for individuals who are on the chexsystems.

Note: This list is to be used as a reference only and we cannot guarantee that you will be approved for a checking account while on the chexsystems. Please help us keep this list up to date by emailing us at with banks in your area that accept people who are on the chexsystems, or whether or not you were approved for a checking account using the list below:

Account Now - Prepaid card that can be used for direct deposit and has a debit/credit card, however it comes with no checks.

Etrade Brokerage - Its a brokerage account but can be used like a checking account. It comes with checks and a visa/debit card. They also have direct deposit available. After you open a brokerage account, wait a few months then apply for a Etrade Bank account and they may just approve you. Unfortunately, they don't have branches in Maine, but banking can be done by mail.

Wells Fargo - They have a Opportunity Checking Account Package that is tailored for customers who have been unable to open a bank account due to their previous credit or banking history. However, at this time they have no branch locations in the state of Maine, but you may still be able to bank On-line if you have direct deposit available.

You may also want to apply with your local Credit Union in Maine if you are unsuccessful with the above list of banks and financial institutions. Last reviewed in November 2011.